[Collected June 19, 1935, prepared as a flat skin]

sal            salt-torn and and split salzgeriss    rissen
the limbmap of me li lifted

              ju juniper bud          risen salthead

now branchless       i or       it lay lain born as bearing
the light of it or i dun un under the bitterair pooling

                      seedhead seed flower   see         eed whitebud    
                  risen mountain ash       blue jun juniper

what fell me what         found me dawn-streaked
what lay me torn as tearing    as as bud blooming ash

        dun feathers unfolding       falling entfal   fal faltet

now and now ing a wind a       wingless cold rising bluewhite
blooming mountain ash mein eberesches eye    whitening

    see seeding the edge of the bitterpool    rising                            

what washes  i from ich    asche von ash    layered as leaves             
as if lasting no    leaving