That was a pretty roundabout answer to what
I would have to say
was one of the more straightforward of my questions.
But to come back to this thing
you call your near-death experience.
In the accounts I’ve read, whose credibility,
or lack thereof,
we’ve already talked about—
that is, their lack thereof—
you say you saw the universe from the outside in, as,
you say, a dense web
of capillaries through which pulsed
corpuscles of light.
(A nice touch, those corpuscles.)
Guy wires, infinite in extension,
were holding down your will,
but—surprise! surprise!—you still had a will
and a body, too.
How can I breathe, without air? you asked yourself.
(I’m wondering about that, too.)
You also say . . . well, you say a lot of things, don’t you. . . .
You say and say and say.
When the paramedics revive you.
you say. Okay,